Surf excel ad promoting communal harmony garners mixed reviews

Detergent brand Surf Excel has been facing a lot of criticism at the hands of Hindus recently for promoting Hindu-Muslin unity in their latest ad.

In the ad, a young Hindu girl, dressed in a white, chooses to get stained in Holi colours in order to protect her young Muslim friend who has to go to the nearby mosque to pray. Hmm, what could possibly be wrong with this ad? To me, absolutely nothing, in fact this is one of the most heart-warming ads I’ve come across lately. The ad is a beautiful example of peaceful coexistence of religious sentiments. Just two innocent kids, being friends and promoting inclusivity. The message is loud and clear: people vouch for love, peace, humanity, friendship and communal harmony. Brands often tend to shy away from stories that have religion embedded in them, it’s good to see some of them break that self-imposed ban and create communication that speaks to the masses in both the countries. And the positive response from majority of the Hindus shows that not everyone wants war, many of them want peace and communal harmony, just like we do.

And while majority of the consumers loved the idea, there were a lot of mixed opinions on why the ad should be banned. People quickly turned to Twitter after the ad was aired on TV and in no time  #BoycottSurfExcel, #ShameHUL and #BoycottHUL became the top trending hashtags in India, even more popular than the Ambani wedding happening.



Umm, explain?


Yar, matlab kuch bhi?




Abhishek here is the real gangsta!

And while the ad garnered a lot of opinions, many tweeted supporting the ad.

Yaaas, girl!







Aur beech mei Microsoft Excel bhi piss gaya.
People went to the MS Excel app on the app store and left 1 star reviews in an effort to bring it down…


I mean, seriously!


What do you guys think about the ad? Let us know in the comments below.

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