Students Want Teacher Assessed Grades After Their Exams Get Postponed!

Giving in to student protests, the government decided to cancel all ongoing exams amid the increasing number of coronavirus cases across the country.

But for Cambridge board students, the decision didn’t really pan out as they were demanding teacher assessed grades, but what they got was the postponement of their exams. And to make things worse, A2 students were given the conditional option to either give their exams in Oct/Nov or continue with the ongoing schedule.

Furious at this decision, students have been trending #ResignShafqatMahmood and #ShafqatDestroysOurCareer

And here’s what they’ve got to say!

Students were lost:

Most of them felt played with:

Students who had planned to go abroad were disappointed:

Students were fearful of the rising corona cases:

Students were pleading:

Students were sharing how Shafqat Mahmood was making a fool out of himself globally:

Students weren’t willing to settle for anything less:

Students were sharing their feelings:

A2 students felt being cheated on:

Needless to say, students were in a lot of distress:

Students had questions!

Students had also found other ministers to blame:

What are your thoughts on this outpour of students? Let us know in the comments below!

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