Students Turn To PM Imran Khan As Their Last Hope To Cancel Exams!

In the wake of the third wave of the pandemic, students have been consistently protesting to cancel their physical exams and resort to online exams. But despite their protests, the chances of the exams being cancelled have been looking slim.

With failed attempts to convince the education minister, students are now looking to their PM Imran Khan hoping that he will intervene as they trend the hashtag #ImranKhanCancelExams

And here’s everything they’ve got to say!

People were calling it unfair:

People were rooting for Waqar Zaka as the next PM:

Students were sharing scenes from their classrooms:

Students were sharing how their future depends on their grades:

Students listed their reasons:

People wanted to know why the PM was silent:

Students wanted to know why their government wasn’t taking the rise in cases seriously:

They wanted the government to wake up:

People had questions:

Students were sharing how PM was their last hope:

People wanted the exams to be cancelled to avoid disaster:

People were disappointed:

People were loud and clear!

What do you think about this hashtag? Should exams be cancelled? Let us know in the comments below!

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