Someone Shared Gulsher & Shehnaz’s Restaurant Scene From Alpha Bravo Charlie & Replies Will Make You Nostalgic!

Some dramas tend to live with you forever and Alpha Bravo Charlie is just one of those iconic dramas that we can’t get enough of, even decades later!

Someone on Twitter, shared everyone’s favourite scene of Gulsher and Shehnaz’s first date for a TL cleanse:

And tweeple just can’t get enough!

People were still as much in love with the drama as they were when they first saw it:


People were calling it the best comedic scene they’d ever seen:

Omg 😂

Jo baat hai!

Ours too!

People were really missing Gulsher!

Nostalgia was everywhere!


Bilkul ati hai!

Where’s the lie?



People were teary eyed!


People were transported back to the late 90s!

What did you think of the clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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