People are sharing their favourite dialogues by their moms and we can’t stop laughing

No one can beat our moms when it comes to raising kids. Moms are literally life! And today people are sharing their favourite dialogues their moms say and it only tells us that all moms are the same!
And suddenly that thing magically appears:

A trap we’ve fallen for everyday:




Blaming it all on the mobile phone:


Haha, talk about constructive criticism:

Desi moms and their obsession with Princess Diana:

The dialogue that hits us right in the feels:


Aankhein hain ya tich button?


Cheez toots, ama rooths!


Mums and their brutally honest baatein:


The amount of times we’ve heard this from our moms:

Chhitrol session:

Haha 😂 

Haha, bus kaam hona chahiye:

Main jahez mei naukar nahi dungi sath:

Apni maa ko mat sikhao:


Kal ke bachay ab maa baap ko sikhayeinge?

Ooof, can relate!

Lmaooo 😂

Pura ghar sambhala hua tha hum ne:

The lethal weapon:

And then comes a chhitar:

Yeh cheez!

Dhoond ke bhi hum dein, chappal khayein bhi hum:

We’ve heard this way too many times!

This is why we have trust issues:


How many dialogues can you relate to? Let us know in thr comments below!

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