People are schooling trolls for mocking this 18 year old couple on their wedding.

In a country where child marriage is seemingly common and no one bats an eye, the internet has been very judgemental about two legal and consenting adults getting married. Videos from their wedding have gone viral:

@zarpashkhan01#brother #reception mashallah♬ PATAKHA GUDDI – HIGHWAY

@zarpashkhan01#mashallah 😍♬ original sound – zarpashkhan

@zarpashkhan01mashallah #bhaiandbhabhi #recetion #newlymarried #youngcouple they both are just 18 😍

♬ original sound – zarpashkhan

And people just can’t seem to stop their judgemental comments:

Some were arguing that they’re siblings…

Soch soch ki baat hai:

Some were calling the girl materialistic:

Some thought the boy had been forced, what even?

They’re both the same age!

People were mocking them:

Some were making personal attacks on their appearance:

And while majority of the comments were negative, many came forward to defend the couple:

Even though the original post mentions how both are 18, it still gives no one the right to mock them:




Because judge kerna toh inka paidayishi haq hai:

People were pointing out the hypocrisy in the society:

People were lauding them for making it halal:

Jo baat hai:

People were sending them love and prayers:


Shots were fired:

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