People Are Comparing Dananeer To Zara Naeem & Netizens Think It’s Not Okay!


Social media is riddled with the comparisons between the #PawriHoraiHai girl Dananeer who went viral for her video and ACCA student Zara Naeem who topped her Financial Reporting paper scoring a global prize.

One user on Twitter shared the same sentiment comparing the two and netizens think the comparison wasn’t really necessary:

People wanted her to stop comparing the two:

People had questions:

People wanted her to stop finding excuses to put other women down:

That’s one way to look at it:

People tried checking the claims of international media talking about the topper but couldn’t find any:


People were reminding her how it’s just a meme:

People stated their reasons:

Live and let live!

Yar 😂

And while many stood against the idea of pitting two women against each other, there were many who shared the same sentiment:

People were sharing how Zara will be remembered for her achievements:

People were calling it the major dilemma of the country:

People were ashamed:

People think it’s the reason we’re moving backwards:

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