Momina and Momin falling for each other in Alif has the fans going crazy!

It’s Saturday which for most us is the Alif day and honestly, every episode knocks it out of the park for us!

And today was the most special as Momina finally admits to falling for Momin and fans screaming with joy:

Hayeee, our heart!

Always on point:

Yeh cheez!

Only Umera can do this ❤

Even we weren’t ready for it, but the slap came through!

We kindaaa agree:

Oh Momina!

He did!

Lolol 😂

Agreed, it was a low blow!

Haha, true that:

That’s Sajal for you ❤

Momin not coming slow either:

The OST in the background just makes he scene ten times more intense:




Jo baat hai:

People were sharing their favourite dialogues from the episode:

Some were feeling bad for Dawood!

Some were put off by the long breaks in between:

Haha, flirt goals!

Some really enjoyed the thappar:

People were lauding Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal for nailing the episode:

Without a doubt:

Are you keeping up with Alif? Let us know in the comments below!

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