Mehwish Hayat posted a picture with Nick Jonas and the internet has the funniest things to say!


Our favorite diva Mehwish Hayat has been living her best life, fighting for what’s right, achieving new highs and enjoying herself too while she’s at it. Mehwish recently ran into Nick Jonas at the US Open Men’s Semi Finals in New York. She posted a picture alongside Nick Jonas and shared how the two were rooting for Rafael Nadal:


And people had a lot to say!


Some wanted to know if Priyanka was the one taking the picture 😂:


Some wanted it to be deleted before Priyanka could photoshop herself into the picture:


Poor Nick!


Some wanted to know if Priyanka was done venting:


Many warned Priyanka to keep an eye:


Some predicted what was to come:


Some had sharp observations:


Many thought he looked happier with Mehwish rather than Priyanka:


I guess we’ll find out soon:


Some thought he looked like a kid with every woman:


Many replied with PC gifs…


Well, who knows? 👀


I think he knows…


Aray aray aray, we’re all here for love:


Oh, definitely!


And then of course, there had to be moral police:


Some shared how, when they run into people, its never Nick:


Priphotoshoppedyanka? GENIUS!


What do you think about the replies? Aren’t they hilarious? Let us know in the comments below!

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