Everybody Loves Bilal Abbas Khan in Ishq Murshid – Here’s Why!

In the world of Pakistani dramas, there are quite a few stories that come out each year that fans of television cannot stop talking about. Sometimes they turn into ones that people remember for ages thanks to the themes they explore. And other times? Well, it turns more about the characters that it produces. Ishq Murshid is one such example.

Why do we say that? Well, because if we say the names Shahmir or Fazal Baksh, there’s a high chance that your face will gleam with joy and you would collectively say, Ishq Murshid!

But, behind this characters, there’s truly the magic of one actor that has made all the difference. That’s right, it’s nobody but everyone’s favourite boy-next-door, Bilal Abbas Khan! He has time and again proven that he’s TV’s boy wonder, and this time it’s no different! He’s only gotten better!

But, what makes us all love Bilal so much in Ishq Murshid? Diva explores…


His On-Screen Transformation

One of the most interesting and important arcs to the drama is how Shahmir finds himself falling for Shibra, and of course, how that leads him to turn into Fazal Baskh! The whole narrative is nothing short of hilarious and we can’t help but also fall in love with how Shahmir goes from his affluence to the simpler Fazal Baksh! Oh, the things you do for love!

His Acting Skills

When it comes to Bilal’s acting prowess, there aren’t really not many who come close to him. In Ishq Murshid too, we see how well he moulds himself into the duality of Shahmir and Fazal Baksh. On one side we see him as an enigmatic, yielding figure of affluence, having pursued his education abroad in the UK, while on the other, he goes all out willing to be the simple and principled man sans any political affiliation that Shibra would appreciate! Leave it to Bilal to execute both these characters so perfectly!


His On-Screen Chemistry

Be it Bilal’s chemistry with Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi or Sana Javed, we’re always fans of how he has the ability to switch on that ultimate chemistry with each of them. But, the one we’re most positively surprised by has to be with Durefishan Saleem! Not only do both of them look great together, they bounce off of from each others’ energies, making Ishq Murshid a delight to watch!


His Charm

If you haven’t been living under a rock, chances are that you are quite aware of how strong the charm of Bilal Abbas Khan works amongst those who love everything Pakistani entertainment industry! That same allure and more, we saw in Ishq Murshid, and we truly couldn’t stop appreciating it! Be it his smile or the way he gets into his character and makes them feel so natural, it’s that charisma that makes him a good choice for most roles!


What do you love about Bilal Abbas Khan in Ishq Murshid? Tell us in the comment section below!



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