Duty Above Everything: Rawalpindi Traffic Policeman Stands Guard Amidst Heavy Rain, Wins Hearts!

It’s never easy being a traffic warden, the job requires you to be on your toes all the time and traffic warden, Imran Asif, from Rawalpindi is winning the internet for his stern commitment to his job!

Impressed at his efforts to direct the traffic during severe rainfall, the internet has come together to appreciate warden Imran Asif:

People were thanking him!

People were calling him an unsung hero:


People were paying their respects to him:

Baat toh sach hai!


People were moved!

We most definitely do!

Many were upset how these people deserve a lot more:

Many empathised how tough of a job it is:

People were feeling sorry for the sad state of affairs:



Many were calling him a great asset of Pakistan!


Many argued how this was his job, but also lauded him for being honest to his profession:

Many were questioning why he wasn’t given protective gear:

What do you think about this traffic warden? Let us know in the comments below!

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