Desis Are Having A Hard Time Letting One Of Their Favourite Breakfasts Go!

Are you even a true foodie if you don’t day dream about the wonderful breakfast options you have? Because we have, be it the scrumptious halwa puri or anda paratha or Lahori murgh chholay, or the leftover saag with paratha, breakfast really hits different!

And today, all the desi foodies are having a hard time choosing their least favourite, and tbvh, it’s like choosing the least favourite kid 😭

Here’s what the netizens have chosen!


We feel ya!

Yeh bhi theek hai:

Girl, we’re used to it!

People in general were willing to let saag paratha go:

How can one not like halwa puri?

That’s oddly specific:

Some decided to let anda paratha go!

Some didn’t seem too big of a fan of naan chholay:

Lmao, dying!



Haha, makes a lot of sense!

What would you let go off when given the choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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