Dear Celebs: Here’s How NOT To Get Cancelled!

Each year, as a deja vu of sorts, we get to hear that one celeb or the other has wreaked havoc with their sudden outburst or have stirred up a storm thanks to their antics on-screen or off. This year, it seems, is no different. Out came a plethora of allegations, counter-threats, and of course, our all time favourite, ‘smear campaign’ claim.

But dear celebs, let’s talk about what’s actually going on, shall we? Just what does it take to not get cancelled  and just what can be done to NOT get cancelled?

Let’s explore…


Do Learn Social Etiquettes

It’s unfortunate when the bounds of etiquettes are forgotten even in a layman, but for a celebrity to do so, is even more a disastrous move. One can always differentiate between a superstar and just another run-of-the-mill celebrity, and it’s almost always due to how the superstar treats everyone respectably around them. Superstars find genuine supporters who love them for their humbleness, celebrities on the other hand struggle. Decide which one you wan’t to be.


Don’t Go Into Holier Than Thou Mode

Yes, you may have had a clearer record than your contemporary, but airing that dirty laundry in the public only shows your shallowness than anyone else’s. Cast the first stone when you know you’ve never done that either. If you’re a part of the same boat then understand the Urdu idiom, Iss Hammam Mein Sab Nange Hain – because someone might just call you out too!


Do Respect Others

The prima uno of being a celebrity who people love, learn to give respect. Just because a certain star-status now adds value to your name, does NOT mean that it gives you a license to act out. People deserve respect as much as you expect others to give to you, and if you can’t reciprocate it, then understand that is a two-way street.


Don’t Harass Journalists/Media Personnel

Something that many celebrities often forget is that you do your work and we do ours. If you can appreciate the journalist or a media personnel when they write amazing things about you, then also learn to respect opinions when they may not be hunky-dory. The media platforms don’t work on your whims and never will. So, easy on the PR side and those threats!


Do Practice Self-Control

Everyone is always tempted to reply to every troll and hater out there, but just how many times do you ever get a good result when you reply back with anger? That’s where self-control can come in handy – especially when you’re a celebrity. They may be your contemporary-turned-enemy or just another internet troll, but more you feed hate, the more fodder you provide for controversy.


Don’t Start A Social Media War

Social media is great for you to keep in touch with your fans and to get the world’s attention on your next project, but don’t use it as a personal tool to get offended on every little thing written about you. Yes, defend yourself, but don’t go waging wars that end in you serving legal notices and responding with full-fledged derogatory comments as an end-all way to quash criticism.


Do Introspect

Everyone can use a bit of introspection, and believe us, it can be a lifesaver. Don’t make it all about me, me, me and sometimes take a bit of time out to reflect on the fact that you could be wrong too! No one in the world has ever lost by forgiving and giving yourself that same leeway can do wonders. Introspect, reflect, and accept it if you’ve done something wrong – your fans will love you more for the genuineness.


Don’t Let Fame Get To You

Humility is powerful and the celebs who understand this enjoy fame in its highest form. Fame doesn’t mean that you should start being snarky at everyone and make others feel small, but in fact, it’s the other way around. Be a leader who supports everyone in the industry and ground yourself to the realities of life. Remember, anything that goes up, must come down – so be prepared if you fly too high.



Do you have any advice for celebs to not get cancelled? Tell us in the comments section below.

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