Ali Zafar Asks ‘Ab Maine Kya Kerdiya’ After He Trends On Twitter & People Have The Most Hilarious Replies!


After the new PSL anthem dropped, people started to miss Ali Zafar and his iconic PSL anthem, that for the fans, remains undefeated.

Seeing himself as one of the top trends on Twitter, Ali Zafar wanted to know why he was trending:

And netizens have the most hilarious replies to his question:

Uh oh:

Cheating, beta:

Reply nai kiya, aur kya:


Who says miracles don’t happen?

Especially when they say ‘zaroori baat karni hai:’

Foran kaan kharay ho jaatay hain:

Kaam hoga koi:


Profuse sweating 😂


Makes eye contact, breaks eye contact:

You tell us!

Students ke alag dukhray the:

Kya kerdiya bhai?

BTS stans had their reasons:


Same yar:

What do you think of the replies? Let us know in the comments below!

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