A Young Doctor Was Shot Dead During A Robbery In Lahore & Netizens Want Justice!

In an unfortunate series of events, a young doctor was shot dead during a robbery when she resisted in DHA, Lahore. The news came as a shock to many since street crimes are not as prevalent in Lahore.

And while the robbers have been arrested by the police, people are wondering if justice will be served:

People wanted justice!

Even people who didn’t know her that well were shocked:


People had questions:

People were worried about the growing street crime in Lahore:

Some were calling Lahore the new Karachi:

People wanted strict action to be taken:

People were hopeless:

People have had enough:


People were in shock!

People were sympathising with the parents:

People had no faith in the judicial system:

People couldn’t help but think of her parents:

Justice delayed is justice denied:

People were so done!


Some tried turning it into city wars:

Citizens were scared:

Do you think justice will be served? Let us know in the comments below!

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