A guy tried shading this girl on twitter and the internet came right back at him!

Another day, another guy sharing a video without consent asking the same questions: is this Islamic Replublic of Pakistan?

A guy on twitter shared a video of a girl in an attempt to convince people into shading her for living her life:

But times have changed and the internet is shading the guy for posting the video without consent and they’re in awe of the girl harmlessly enjoying:

Uh oh 👀

Some came straight to the point:


Some were in disbelief that this is Pakistan:

Some had valuable suggestions:

Us too!

People wanted him to stop being the moral police:

I guess we’ll never know:

People wanted his account to be reported:

Some were lauding him on his hypocrisy:

Many were calling him out on the priorities:

Girl, it’s cold!

Have you?

People were also calling out the society on such hypocrisy:


People came in with facts!

It also keeps you warm!

You go, girl!

Now that’s awkward:

Even the ones who weren’t a fan of the act itself agreed on it being a matter of one’s choice:

What do you think about the internet coming forward to support the girl? Let us know in the comments below!

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