5 Reasons Erica Robin’s Miss Universe Journey Is a Proud Moment for Pakistan

In a world where pageantry evolved manifolds over the decades and saw the debuts of a plethora of nations each year, it had remained a distant dream for Pakistan. Each year, the closest the country ever got to the number of major events was solely through the television sets as Miss India had sashayed down the dais. We saw Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra in Miss World, Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta in Miss Universe, but for us, it was only a dream remaining unfulfilled.

Fortunately, Pakistan has finally arrived  in a grand way – or shall we say ‘Universal’ way – and we have Erica Robin to thank for it!

Introducing her to the universe, she became the official delegate from Pakistan in the major race of pageantry after 71 years of the existence of the show. But what is making her truly stand out in the event featuring more than 80 powerful women?

Diva explores…


Woman of Substance

Showcasing the best of her strengths before the coronation event scheduled for November 19, Erica has time and again proven that she is more than a spectacular face. She stands by a number of causes, including women rights and standing against inequality in the workplace, making her a true representative of Pakistan’s ever-growing list of women breaking the glass ceiling.


Upholding Pakistani Values

In a country where controversies make the most headlines, Erica proved that she’s going to give none! She instead chose to shut her haters down with a statement that had everyone applauding her. That’s right, while many waited to give her hate for the swimsuit round, she chose an elevated burkini, which was truly fashionable and equally modest. Take that haters!


Elegance Personified

While even the most trained nations in pageantry suffer from over the top designs during the evening gown round, Erica seems prepared quite well. Her elegant white gown with a sequined crystalised veil-cape was a testament to keeping it simple but dazzling. If you don’t want to take our word for it, just hear the crowd going absolutely wild when she walks out – that says it all!


National Pride

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of national costumes from different nations dazzle the audience – especially India with its lehengas – but this year, we finally saw our designs and craft make it to the stage. That in itself, is nothing short of a victory.  This costume, courtesy of Khaadi was a vibrant celebration of Pakistan’s diverse cultures, seamlessly weaving together its distinct beauty and the profound love and unity embedded in its people’s hearts.

The intricate patchwork blends the rural and urban elements, paying homage to the rich crafts and heritage of Pakistan. If one look’s closely, elements from Baloch, Brahui, Sindhi, Punjabi, Muhajir, Saraiki, Memon, Kalashi, Balti, Wakhi, Afghani, Kashmiri, and Hindkowan ethnicities were seen – making this a true translation of Pakistan’s diverse society.


Setting The Benchmark

Proving to be a brilliant example of everything Miss Pakistans should be, Erica Robin – and the team behind her put together by Filipino entrepreneur Josh Yugen – has given the country a taste of how pageantry should be. Everything done by the reigning Miss Pakistan gives us hope that the years to come will have equally shining representatives coming out of the country, who will uphold what the nation is about. There may have been a sporadic representation of Pakistan in pageantry before, but this one takes the cake and we hope it continues!


What makes you proud about Erica Robin’s glorious display at Miss Universe? Tell us in the comments section below.




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