5 Pakistani films to binge-watch on Netflix


It’s all about being addicted to Netflix these days, and the concept of binge-watching is surely proof of it. However, if you’ve already watched every possible show on the website, we have some good news – you now have a range of Pakistani films to check out now!

From comedy to drama, most of your latest Pakistani films are now on the streaming platform and it’s high time you check them out.

Which ones does Diva recommend? We have a lowdown…

Pinky Memsaab

A film about the lives of a gullible maid, a beautiful socialite, an ambitious investment banker, and a happy go lucky chauffeur that are entwined together in Dubai, this bitter-sweet tale of self-discovery will hit you right in your emotions!

Chalay Thay Saath

An exploration of the beautiful scenery of Northern Pakistan, this film is based around the character of Resham, a doctor who is on a journey to discover her past and future alongside her friends as they go on a trip of a lifetime.

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor

Set in the northern regions of Pakistan, the story follows Allahyar, a young and mischievous boy who ends up dealing with circumstances he never thought possible. The movie aims to shed light on the preservation and illegal hunting of wildlife in Pakistan. Watch it for its heartwarming story!

Chupan Chupai

A comedy of errors revolving around three friends Feddy, Koki and Teli, who stupid by nature and cursed by luck. Their lives take a chilling turn when they cross paths with Babu and his alter ego girlfriend Pari. Hilarious at every turn, this no brains needed comedy is definitely worth a watch!


A railway stationmaster tries to cope with his wife’s death, his estrangement from his son and the corrupt world in which he lives. The film is packed with emotions and a story that is sure to make you think about a few things. If you don’t watch anything else, make sure you watch this one!


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