5 dramas That Will Get You Hooked!

We love our daily dose of dramas and the current lot, especially, has us excited with plots that have us biting our nails!

1. Mushk
If there’s one drama that leaves us with a new twist in every episode, it’s Mushk. And we can’t help but be sad that the next episode is a week away.

2. Raaz-e-Ulfat
A drama that makes us feel all sorts of ways, one minute and we’re hating Irtiza, the very next minute we’re feeling sorry for him, and it applies to all characters.

3. Saraab
Saraab is one of a kind, focusing on mental illness and how it affects the lives of people, we love how the show tackles a subject so sensitive in a genius way!

4. Dulhan
Dulhan has been our newest favourite, with a story so fresh and different, it’s a must watch!

5. Sabaat
With an episode that warmed our heart, Sabaat has been killing it lately, how Anaya is empowered by her mother and her friends is worth an applause and a lesson everyone should take notes from!

What dramas have you been hooked on to lately? Let us know in the comments below!
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